Various Types Of Site Fencing Hire

Various Types Of Site Fencing Hire

site fencing hire

Have you organization started a new building project? Are you afraid of any accident happening around the maintenance area under your responsibility? Do you need a boundary for the temporary time being around the place of where construction is going on? If so; then you must have been in search of finding good quality of fences that can be installed for temporary period of time across the specific piece of land. Before suggesting you promising places that offer the good quality of fences; let us have an idea about what temporary fences are and how many types of them are available in the market. Fences in general are the vertical structures made up of steel, wood or any metal and are used for the protection, privacy, security or aesthetic purposes. The vertical bars of the fences are placed at specific distance from one another and are joined with the two long horizontal bars. In this article; we will be discussing about temporary fence panels as well as about the types of site fencing hire.

Temporary fence panels:

As the name implies; temporary fences are the kind of fences that are placed for a particular time being. These fences are specifically used to be placed across the building sites, construction areas or maintenance places. You must have had notice that we have been using the term “placed” instead of “installed”; it is because they are needed for short period of time only. Another difference that lies between temporary fences and permanent fences is that temporary fences are available in the form of panels whereas permanent ones have posts that are dug into the ground to give them stability. The weight between the two types of fences also differs as temporary panels are light in weight and can easily be placed when needed and taken away when the use is fulfilled.

Types of site fencing hire:

Site fencing is the process of placing fences and marking a boundary around a constructional site. The fences that are installed across the construction site differ from one another on the basis of the materials with which they are made up of. If you not only want to mark a boundary but need to have a strong security system as well then you must opt for the welded wire fencing. This kind of fencing is made with the mesh like wired structure. Then there is coated steel wire which is made in the form of multiple chains linked together. Alloy hoardings, wooden fences and barricades can be considered as some other such types of temporary fencing that is placed around construction sites.


Temporary fence panels are placed across the places where construction or maintenance is going on. These places must be protected by a boundary to prevent any accidents. “North East Temp Fencing” provides the variety of site fencing hire. For more information visit our website:

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